Saturn  -  Saturn is the most traditional of all the backpack styles, as well as the most colorful.  The seam framework comes in an assortment of flavors for individual taste, and some schools are even providing this bag in school colors with logos.  Whatever you choose, Saturn provides good looks and high durability. 

   100% double-stitched nylon thread used on all load-   bearing seams.

   5mm �Best In Class� extra-thick PVC vinyl

   Dimensions are 12W x 15H x 6D

   Surround-StrapTM design bears the weight of the bag

   Patent-Pending Weight Harness

  Padded Shoulder Straps                                                                                                                    

   3-Year Warranty


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    Zeus is king of the bookpacks! Pack all of your books and gear into this massive bag, and still have room to pack your lunch!

Super-reinforced w/ nylon strapping for rugged good looks. $16.25

100% double-stitched nylon thread used on all load-bearing seams

.5mm Best In Class extra-thick PVC vinyl

Padded Shoulder Straps Patent-Pending

Weight Harness Surround-StrapTM design bears the weight of the bag 
 Dimensions are 14W x 16H x 7D                                                                                                                      










Apollo is �the big one,� a XXL backpack that features five pockets, a keyring holder, plus enough space for all your gear.  Extra-thick non-slip shoulder pads help you bear the weight, too!  19�H x 15�W x 13�D.














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